MacKenzie-Childs creates premier home décor, accessories, and dinnerware. The signature line for the company is the iconic Courtly Check, which is a hand-painted black and white checkerboard pattern with hints of blue, amber, and yellow drawn through the design. However, everyone isn’t a fan of checks. 

If florals are more your style, MacKenzie-Childs has a design for you. The Flower Market design is a beautiful floral addition to any décor. Available in four colors, you could find that this collection already fits into your existing décor. 

Hand-painted Designs

Like all of the MacKenzie-Childs collections, the Flower Market design is hand-painted. Each artist paints the piece assigned to them and then signs it, making each piece unique. Each unique piece fits seamlessly into the collection known as Flower Market. 

As a connoisseur of MacKenzie-Childs pieces, you know that each collection is a cohesive mix of uniquely individual creations. No two pieces are identical, even if the same artist painted them. Yet they somehow come together in a beautiful collection of pieces, some of which are simply decorative and others practical. 

Mix-and-Match Designs

When you consider design, are you an “everything must match” kind of person, or are you a more eclectic “I’m fine if nothing matches”? If you like everything to match, you’ll want to choose from the same color palette of the Flower Market designs. Some of the colors have more pieces available than others, but all of the color choices feature beautiful pieces for you. 

If you are a mix-and-match kind of person, your imagination dictates your choices. You could choose to mix the different colors of the Flower Market Collection, or you could decide to mix Flower Market with something else entirely. Any of the MacKenzie-Childs check designs are an excellent complement to the Flower Market line. As a matter of fact, some of the Flower Market pieces feature elements of the checked designs, such as Courtly Check or Royal Check. 

Setting the Table

Who doesn’t love a beautiful table? Whether you have a casual aesthetic or prefer a more formal, traditional look, the Flower Market design from MacKenzie-Childs can fit into either design scheme. Choose one color of Flower Market dinnerware for a completely cohesive look, and set your entire table using that design and color. 

For a slightly more eclectic look that is still cohesive, consider using two or more colors of the Flower Market dinnerware. For this look, you could use a different color at each place setting, or you could choose to stack multiple Flower Market colors together in one place setting. For example, you might try a black charger plate topped by a green dinner plate, followed by a white salad plate, and then finally topped with a lapis bowl to complete the stack. 

Consider pairing Flower Market dinnerware with Courtly Check, Royal Check, or even Sterling Check pieces to mix it up even more. Perhaps use a Courtly Check charger topped by a Flower Market dinner plate and alternate the two designs to create an entire place setting. Use the same alternating pattern for each place setting, or reverse it and use the Flower Market charger with the Courtly Check dinner plate and continue the pattern in that vein for every other place setting. Pairing the florals with the checks creates an elegant yet whimsical place setting. 

If you genuinely dislike checks, you can even mix the Flower Market pieces with other designs you already have. Each beautiful floral piece features multiple vibrantly colored flowers that are hand-painted and offer many colors to use as accents. Think about choosing a color from the flowers and using that color as inspiration for choosing solid dinnerware to pair with your Flower Market pieces.

Aesthetically Appealing Accessories

Dinnerware isn’t the only offering from the MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market collection. If you love flowers but don’t want floral dinner plates, you might consider adding accessories from the Flower Market collection to your dining room, kitchen, or other home areas. The dining room accessories make beautiful additions to any table.

You might consider using a useful piece like the black Flower Market Cake Carrier as an unusual yet beautiful centerpiece for your dining table. If you’d rather have live, cut flowers on the table as a centerpiece, the Flower Market collection has a vase that would look lovely holding your favorite cut flower. Napkin holders, salt and pepper shakers, and trivets in the Flower Market design make fitting accessories to compliment any dinnerware design. Don’t forget the placemats!

Do you enjoy entertaining outside? If so, there are pieces in the Flower Market collection that make beautiful outdoor accessories. The Flower Market Galvanized Beverage Dispenser is wonderful for having water, lemonade, or tea outdoors for a barbecue or picnic. Galvanized outdoor trays are a must for transporting items outdoors; you can use one to hold condiments and the other to hold essentials like plates, glasses, and utensils. 

In the kitchen, you will find various Flower Market collection items essential to an efficiently running kitchen. Canisters, a paper towel holder, and even a gorgeous tea kettle round out the collection. A beautiful cutting board is aesthetically pleasing and practical. A spoon rest helps to keep your counters clean when cooking. 

If you are looking for a waste bin, tissue box cover, or soap dispenser to improve the aesthetic in your bathroom, a Flower Market piece might be the perfect accessory. There are also Flower Market bath rugs available to round out the decorations in the bathroom. You might even consider using some of the available canisters to hold things that are hard to store in the bathroom. 

Wrapping It Up

If checks aren’t your favorite thing, you can still enjoy the beauty and functionality of MacKenzie-Childs products. The Flower Market collection is a beautiful hand-painted floral collection that is a gorgeous addition to your home or table. It can be used alone or mixed with other collections. Whichever you prefer, Dekado Home Décor has the essential pieces from the Flower Market collection for you to view.

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