The signature design for MacKenzie-Childs is the black and white Courtly Check. While the design is readily recognizable, it can be too vibrant for some people. Enter Parchment Check, which is the collection that was designed to be a softer sister pattern to the Courtly Check design. Parchment Check has pieces in both the enamel and ceramic lines of Mackenzie-Childs. 

Even this softer design is a set made of unique individual pieces. This is because each piece is hand-painted. The hand-painting gives each piece a unique character that is reflective of the artisan who painted it. That, coupled with the artisan’s signature, makes each piece truly unique yet an integral part of the set. 

Like all MacKenzie-Childs collections, skilled artisans hand-made Parchment Check in Upstate New York. The company’s studio is located on an old dairy farm overlooking Cayuga Lake. The natural elements in the area played a significant role in inspiring the collections created by MacKenzie-Childs artisans.

Inspiration for Parchment Check

The Parchment Check collection of products is a softer version of the popular Courtly Check design. Courtly Check is black and white and easily recognized. Parchment Check is made with softer colors. 

You might be surprised to learn that the Parchment Check color palette was inspired by love letters. The creative director of MacKenzie-Childs found handwritten love letters written by her grandparents. One of the letters had been opened and folded enough times to have a permanent checkerboard pattern in the folds. 

Seeing that checkerboard pattern in the old love letter inspired the Parchment Check line of products. The aged paper inspired the soft beige color palette, contrasted with darker colors to show where the paper was folded into checks. Onto this base, the design team at MacKenzie-Childs decided to add hints of sky blue and green to add interest. 

The Difference Between the Ceramic and Enamelware Pieces

The process for creating the ceramic pieces is very different from the creation process of the enamelware. The differences in the processes create a difference in the final product’s colors. The ceramic pieces have beige undertones, while the enamelware pieces tend to have a color closer to a butter yellow. 

Are you wondering how the process differs? The ceramics are created using a mold. When they come out of the mold, artisans hand carve excess material from the product and shape it. Then they use China paint to do an on-glaze technique. 

After the glazing and firing of the pieces, the artisans drag colors through the checks, and a 22K gold luster is added. The luster appears bright red when it is applied because of the oils used to allow the gold to be brushed on. When the piece is fired in the kiln, the oils burn off, leaving a luxurious gold. 

With enamelware, the glaze is created from ground glass and minerals, creating the colors. That mixture is then combined with water and painted onto the steel. This process creates the soft, almost butter-yellow color that forms on the enamelware. 

Eye-Pleasing Neutral

The Parchment Check is a beautiful, soft neutral palette that works with virtually any color. Layering virtually any pattern on top of the soft tones of the Parchment Check makes the colors in the other pattern pop. If you like to mix and match colors, the Parchment Check is an excellent choice. 

The Parchment Check collection has a more feminine vibe than the other checks in the product line. The pattern is still bold enough to stand alone yet soft enough to be used as a layering tool. The light check is a beautiful choice to use as a barrier piece to give your eye a rest. 

There aren’t any rules to follow when it comes to using the Parchment Check. As with any other MacKenzie-Childs pattern, you can pair it with virtually any other pattern, even your vintage China patterns. Whatever looks pleasing to your eye is what you should do. 

Mix and match as you feel comfortable doing. Pair the collection with bold patterns or solid colors. Even other checks in the MacKenzie-Childs collection of designs look beautiful when paired with the Parchment Check. 

Elegant Accessories

Like other collections in the MacKenzie-Childs line of designs, the Parchment Check includes beautiful accessories. Each accessory adds a touch of elegance to the table or kitchen. Imagine a gorgeous golden check tea kettle waiting for you to brew your afternoon tea. 

Parchment Check canisters are both practical and pretty when placed on the kitchen or bathroom counter. An elegant spoon rest keeps your counters clean when you use it while cooking. Placemats accentuate any dinnerware you might use to set the table, even other Parchment Check pieces. A utensil holder adds a beautiful way of keeping your most needed cooking utensils organized. 

Practicality is not the only benefit of the Parchment Check line. Some items are simply beautiful decorations. For example, a butterfly hanging on your wall adds whimsy to your décor. Hang one or create a grouping using several of the butterflies. 

Imagine serving snacks to your children or grandchildren from the Parchment Check cookie jar. The lid is an enamel Parchment Check design. The jar itself is clear glass, so you can clearly see what you have stored inside. The clear glass allows the cookies or other snacks to become part of your décor. 

Wrapping It Up

The Parchment Check collection is one of several hand-painted collections offered in the MacKenzie-Childs line of products. MacKenzie-Childs is based on Lake Cayuga in Upstate New York. They specialize in luxurious designs that can be used in casual or formal settings depending on how you use your favorite pieces. 

The Parchment Check collection is the companion collection to the flagship Courtly Check collection. It has a soft yellow-beige color palette and a feminine feel. Like the other collections in the design line, you can use Parchment Check alone or layered with different patterns. If you’re interested in the Parchment Check collection of products, Dekado Home Décor has several pieces available.

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