Are you a fan of MacKenzie-Childs home décor? If you are, you know the pieces add a touch of class and whimsy to your home. Whether you are a fan of the décor or the dinnerware, you likely enjoy how owning the pieces allows you to let your personality shine while still having a touch of elegance in your space. 

The newest offering from MacKenzie-Childs is the Sterling Check collection. This collection beautifully complements both the Courtly Check and the Royal Check designs. Like the other designs, Sterling Check is hand-painted at the studios overlooking Lake Cayuga in Upstate New York. 

The Sterling Check design collection is a more muted counterpart to the other check designs in the product line. Still, beautiful blues and ambers are drawn through the checks to tie this line to the others and honor the natural inspiration that abounds on the old dairy farm that MacKenzie-Childs calls home. Each piece is crafted by skilled artisans leading to uniquely designed pieces that work together as a complete set.

Stylish Dinnerware

If you’re a fan of MacKenzie-Childs products, you already know that each line has beautiful dinnerware to help you create a gorgeous tablescape, whether you are hosting a formal party or enjoying a casual dinner at home. The Sterling Check line is no different. It’s beautiful as a stand-alone design, or it can be paired with other designs to create a truly unique table.

Obviously, the Sterling Check pairs well with both the Courtly Check and the Royal Check. After all, the Courtly Check was the inspiration for both of the other designs. The muted shades of the Sterling Check both tone down the vibrancy of the other two lines and highlight the color’s beauty. 

Against the Royal Check, the blues of the toned-down Sterling Check seem to pop. Against the black of the Courtly Check, you will likely find that the Sterling Check is an elegant, almost gray hue. 

Like its counterparts from other collections, the Sterling Check line can be paired with almost anything. Why not try pairing it with gold-toned dinnerware or stemware to create a sophisticated atmosphere? Perhaps you have beautiful solid white or solid blue dinnerware that you want to accentuate. Sterling Check would be lovely paired with those colors. 

Like the other check pieces offered by MacKenzie-Childs, this dinnerware line also pairs well with patterned pieces. Perhaps, the Flower Market designs from the same design house would suit your fancy. Or, maybe, you have vintage china pieces that were passed through the generations of your family. Those would be lovely paired with Sterling Check pieces. 

The collection offers the pieces to create complete place settings, from charger plates to bowls. Additionally, there is stemware and tumblers available in the pattern. You’ll find water glasses, wine glasses, and champagne flutes for dinner. There are tumblers, highball glasses, and martini glasses for cocktail hour. 

Casual or Formal?

Do you aspire to a casual atmosphere in your home, or do you prefer a formal dining experience? Either way, the Sterling Check collection could be precisely what you need to achieve your desired aesthetic. Alone, the enamelware dishes give a casual yet refined appearance to your table setting. Paired with other MacKenzie-Childs pieces or your favorite dinnerware, you have an elegant formal dining experience waiting for you. 

Like the Courtly Check, this newest line of dinnerware looks beautiful stacked with other tableware lines. Start with a Sterling Check charger base, add a beautiful dinner plate, follow that with a Sterling Check salad plate, and finish your stack with a bowl from the same set as your dinner plate. For the neighboring place settings, either stack precisely as you did this one or reverse the stack to add a little more interest to the table. 

Mix and match your stemware and serving pieces to complete the look of your table. Add a beautiful coffee service with a Sterling Check creamer and lidded sugar bowl for your after-dinner coffee. Use the Sterling Check Enamel Everything Bowl to create a stunning centerpiece with fresh fruit. 

Decorate Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home. As such, it should be a place you’d like to spend your time. Decorating it with beautiful accessories is a step toward making your kitchen as beautiful as it is functional. 

The Sterling Check collection includes canisters that can be used to hold various necessities. There’s a glass cookie jar with a Sterling Check enamel lid. A utensil holder in the design rounds out the countertop accessories. Don’t forget the tea kettle—available in a 2-quart or 3-quart size.   

A spoon rest neatly holds your utensils as you cook. Colanders and a beautiful enamel pitcher are more practical pieces in the Sterling Check collection of kitchenware. You can even decorate your cabinetry with Sterling Check knobs. 

Dinner Is Served

Even if dinner is a casual affair, you want your food to look appealing. An excellent starting point is to have beautiful serving pieces to accentuate your food. You’ll find that the Sterling Check collection offers several beautiful serving pieces.

If you need a beautiful serving platter for serving your favorite meats or desserts, Sterling Check has a large and aesthetically pleasing one. Use the beautiful enamel pitcher to serve water, tea, or lemonade at the table. There are other serving pieces as well, like the aptly named serving bowl. 

Wrapping It Up

The Sterling Check collection from MacKenzie-Childs is a stunning collection of checked pieces in a muted gray. Like those of other collections from the company, the pieces have been hand-painted on their property overlooking Cayuga Lake in Upstate New York. Though the collection is a muted gray, you can see blues and ambers pulled through the checked design. 

The Sterling Check collecting is beautiful alone or paired with other designs. You can carry the design from the kitchen to the table and back again with various available pieces. If you’re interested in owning a piece of the Sterling Check collection, look at the offerings available through Dekado Home Décor.

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